Train your German Shepherds to attain their FULL POTENTIALS

Owning a German Shepherd Dog comes along with a Great Responsibility to Train the Dog

Your puppy will be adorable and beautiful, they all are, but he/she should not be allowed to play-bite any human. If he wants to bite your hand, say “NO” in a growling voice and give him/her a chewable toy. Your puppy should not, for one moment, get the idea that he must fulfill the role of alpha.

Remember that German Shepherds are powerful dogs; You do not want to be dragged around the block when you take it for a walk. Your German Shepherd should not jump up against your friends when they visit you; Therefore, you should make your dog understand that you are the one in control from its puppyhood.

Your puppy should be well socialized, especially the first few months of its life, but preferably for the rest of its life. After he/she completes the essential vaccines, take him/her with you wherever you go. Let your puppy meet other dogs, people, and especially children.

German Shepherd Dogs are such intelligent and sensitive dogs; they are easily trainable when and so willing to please their owners that it is deplorable when owners do not train their dogs. They learn very fast when you use positive reinforcement methods with lots of treats and praise. Clicker training is ideal for training any dog but also German Shepherds. You still have to be very firm, especially when a male dog goes through his hormonal phases, but the key is consistency and patience. If adequately trained, your German Shepherd will be a joy and companion for many years. You need to think about training for your German Shepherd sooner rather than later.

You may decide to train your puppy by yourself after learning dog training tips by watching many videos on YouTube, or you may want to have your puppy trained before you bring him/her home by enrolling her/him in early puppy training classes. 

We offer four different types of private training courses; We train puppies individually to reduce the training time by preventing distractions; Our training classes are composed of one hour per session, which are conducted every other day. The required number of sessions depends on the specific training course. Earlier classes start when the puppy is as young as eight weeks old. These classes fill up very quickly unless you reserve a space otherwise you may find that you can’t get into a class for months.

Here are the following training course options and why you should use them:

Puppy Class

These classes are highly beneficial to the overall growth of your puppy, both mentally and emotionally. You can enroll your puppy in puppy classes when she/he is as young as eight weeks old. The puppy classes include Socialization skills (regular kindergarten class), Behavior skills (fixing issues such as excessive barking, whining or chewing every item), Housebreaking (100% toilet training).

*The cost of these classes is $120 for four sessions, which will take eight days.

Obedience Training

In these classes, your puppy will learn some crucial skills to help him/her be the best dog he/she can be. To teach complete basic obedience, the puppy should be at least 10 -12 weeks old. The obedience training classes include “NAME CALL” “SIT” and “DOWN,” “COME” and “GO,” “IN” and “OUT,” “STOP,” “NO” and “OFF.”

*The cost of these classes is $240 for six sessions, which will take 12 days.

Intermediate Training

Your puppy can be enrolled in advanced obedience training when she/he has already passed obedience training. In this unique classes, your puppy should be between 12-18 weeks old to build up the skills he/she has already learned to become a more superior and efficient dog, including Hand signals from near and farRefusing food from strangersSitting down without any commands.

*The cost of these classes is $400 for eight sessions, which will take 16 days.

K9/Advanced training

In these classes, your dog will be trained for advanced jobs and specialties, including the police forcemilitary, therapy (depending on the temperament) or service dogs, or even hunting. Your dog should be above 9 months old. The cost of these training classes depends on the program requested.

*The minimal cost of these classes is $1000 for ten sessions, which will take minimum of 20 days.

NOTE: German Shepherd dogs are brilliant; however, the learning ability of each dog differs from one another ; the mentioned required sessions are the average needed sessions based on our experience. Once the puppy starts training, we will record a video of his/her progress in every session to notify the owner.
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