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The Most Important Questions at Hand are: Why are you breeding your dog? What characteristics are you attempting to improve in the breed?

Why are you breeding your dog? What characteristics are you attempting to improve in the breed?

Most dogs have specific abilities like obedience, tracking, agility, or performance. These unique abilities or lack of it will help separate the wrong mates from the right ones.

  • Most dogs have specific abilities like obedience, tracking, agility, or performance. These unique abilities or lack of it will help separate the wrong mates from the right ones.
  • Selecting the right stud for your bitch is the first order of business. You’ll want to choose a dog that is a great representative of his breed and free of genetic faults and illnesses. Even more importantly, you’ll want to select a stud dog that has a wonderful temperament because he’ll be more likely to produce pups that also have a sound temperament. Always choose the best dog to produce the best progeny.
  • Note that selecting the first available or the cheapest stud to breed without extensive research on the medical history of the stud dog can cause medical problems that become genetic.
  • As the owner of the bitch who wants to find the best male with excellent temperament, evidence of awards and titles, and health testing for any genetic conditions to complement their dog, Schaffer's Haus seek to find a bitch that will further the breed’s development.
Our goal is to improve our breed but not to finance our dog showing through stud fees. As stud owners and you as bitch owners, we should share the same goal of furthering the breed and not only breeding for money.
We are strict in evaluating anyone interested in our stud services having fulfilled the requirements mentioned above; we face added pressure to accept any bitches.
The bitch should be at least 2yrs old, registered with the AKC, or another applicable registry before trying to breed with any of our studs. We also want to find out how often the bitch is bred, as having litters with every heat cycle is not healthy for the bitch or her puppies.
We want to discuss the pedigree of your bitch in detail and your goals for breeding to make sure we are in line with yours.

The stud fees are based on the bloodline and quality of our sires. To know more about our sires and their stud fees, please click the button bellow:

2 Kinds of Breeding

What starts as a business arrangement can blossom into a great breeding partnership when everyone is on the same page.

Natural Breeding

In natural breeding, the bitch’s owner can bring her to our location; and the bitch should be examined by a vet and certified free of canine brucellosis or leptospirosis. Brucellosis is a bacterial infection spread through sexual contact, among other means, that can cause spontaneous abortion of the pups and also cause sterility in the dog and bitch.

We require the health records to indicate that all vaccinations and wormers are up to date and OFA certification for any genetic conditions.

We suggest you to also perform progesterone test 7 days after the first sign of bloody vaginal discharge on your bitch to determine when she is most fertile. Around the twelfth day after the bleeding begins, the dam should be ready. The dam stands for the male at this time, and her flow will have slowed and changed to pink color. She may be less interested in food as well. Flagging and humping is a definite sign. You may also notice changes in personality or behavior.

If your bitch has never been bred before, your presence may help her relax more in what could seem an intimidating situation. However, some of our stud dogs don’t perform well with strangers around, so you may need to leave and pick up your bitch later. If the personalities of both dogs agree, the chance of breeding is increased. However, its normal for a first-time breeding bitch to be skittish and anxious, and this can deter the male; therefore, our studs are always on-leash if we need to move him away from an unreceptive or irritated female. Some dogs will be even muzzled during the breeding process to prevent any harmful accidents.

If you decide to leave the bitch in our location during her breeding period, she may remain at our house for six days in most of the cases, with an additional fee of $150, which includes boarding and shooter fee of three alternate sessions.

In cases that your bitch doesn’t want to mate, we can do artificial insemination.

Artificial Insemination

The AKC first accepted fresh, chilled semen in the 1980s as an alternative to natural breeding.

We collect the semen of our studs to ship all over the world, which gives us advantages over natural breeding. Our stud’s semen is of better quality and numbers as we usually have an “in heat” teaser bitch.

Before chilling takes place, the sample will be evaluated for motility and deformities and then concentrated by centrifugation. An extender is added to provide a source of energy for the semen; then, it is chilled up to 4 degrees Celsius. The chilling process slows the metabolism of the semen, allowing it to survive for use for up to 5 days.

These procedures are performed in a veterinarian clinic, and certificates are issued with the estimated fee of $70.

The semen will be delivered mini tubes, which is cheap and easy to use in most of the counties within 24hrs to 48hrs. The shipping cost is dependent on the location and how quickly it needs to be there, which ranges between $40-$80 .To know more about shipping, please click here.

Natural breeding and fresh semen inseminations are done earlier because fresh semen lives in the bitch for up to 7 days. Fresh chilled and frozen semen inseminations are usually performed 2 to 3 days after ovulation as the life span is only 24 to 72 hours.

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